Total Management dedicates computers to disease research

CLEVELAND, Ohio, August 23 – Total Management, a web-based property management software company, has dedicated their computers to running Stanford University’s Folding@home application ( The Folding@home project allows volunteers to donate their computer’s unutilized processing power to help scientists search for cures for diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and various types of cancer.

“We strive to be on the cutting edge of property management software technology, and to that end we have incredibly powerful computers,”
says David Gruhin, CTO of Total Management. “Sometimes we need all of the computers’ power and sometimes we don’t. By implementing the Folding@home application on our computers, as a company, we are able to help the Stanford scientists make a difference. Since the Folding@home application runs in the background, it utilizes otherwise unused CPU power, which goes unnoticed by the Total Management team.”


We thought installing Folding@home would be a very useful way to take advantage of the many computers we have,” adds Gruhin. “While the research is very complex and takes a tremendous amount of computing power, every computer contributes towards gaining a better grasp of these diseases. It’s an important effort for me because I’ve had many family members affected by cancer. I think if more companies were aware of this program, there could be a real positive impact on research.”

About Total Management
Total Management’s ( exclusive features and proprietary technology is a cost-effective cloud-based property management solution for anytime, anywhere access. The software includes the necessary tools to manage residential and commercial properties of both small and large scale.


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