We have been using QuickBooks. Can you transfer any data to your software should we decide to switch?
  • If you can export your vendor info to an excel or csv file, you can copy it over to our import sheets.
  • We will help you with the ledger account balances. We want you to start off with all of your data being correct, so we will go through your QuickBooks data with you and make sure the account amounts are correct. If the account amounts are incorrect, we will work with you to calculate the correct account balances.
Does Total Management have check writing capability? Does it cost extra?
  • Yes. You can either use your existing QuickBooks checks/deposit slips; or you can use completely blank checks/deposit slips and Total Management will print the company info & MICR line on the check for you.
  • There is no extra fee.
Does Total Management Have Online Marketing Features?
  • Yes. You can post to Craigslist & many other listing sites.
    • Craigslist (html template)
    • Vast
    • Overstock
    • Enormo
    • Oodle
    • Facebook
    • BackPage.com
    • Local.com
    • Lycos
    • Rented Spaces (AOL)
    • RentBits
    • Rent Jungle
    • Campus Avenue
    • Yakaz
    • Layar
    • Aloqa
    • Trovit
    • Twitter (rentals created on HotPads)


Does Total Management Have Maintenance Features?
  • Yes.
  • Tenants can enter work orders online or you can enter them in the Total Management. You can also assign the work order to an employee and have Total Management text that employee.
  • (no additional charge)
Is your system ever down for updates or any other reason? If so why and when is it typically down?
  • Due to our technology, we do not need any downtime in order to update Total Management.
  • Your software will just be updated the next time you reload your browser.
  • Updates are generally performed bi-weekly on weekends
Does your software show reports that are specific to the performance of individual properties? I have three properties and I want to be able to evaluate their performance on an individual and aggregate basis.
  • Yes.
  • We are the only web-based software, which costs less than $7,500/yr, that keeps properties completely separate. (Each property gets its own chart of accounts, vendor lists, etc… We then allow abilities to combine items from different properties as needed.)
What strong accounting features your product offers?
  • We actually follow GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
  • We have a strong accounting background, which is shown in our software.
  • Total Management makes accounting very simple and does the journal entries for any action in the software that involves money. Journal entries, corrections, etc.. are only needed under rare circumstances when a user is doing something very atypical.
What initial and on-going training and support comes with your software?
  • All initial & on-going training and support is included, free of charge, with Total Management.
Can I control what different employees can see in the system as far as tenant’s personal information and payments etc?
  • Yes.
  • You get unlimited user accounts & can limit access to an extremely high & customizable degree.
  • * You can limit user’s access to tenant personal information, tenant’s secure information (SS#), parts of the accounting system, and even access to high-level bills.
Does each employee have a unique log-in? Does it cost extra for multiple users?
  • Each employee gets their own log-in & user settings.
  • There are no additional fees per user.
If I record a payment to an account does it automatically create a journal entry?
  • Yes.
  • You can also make your deposits/print bank deposit slips from within Total Management.
  • The journal entries are automatically created during each step of the process.
Is there a feature that shows the status of a unit’s turnover process? (ie. Carpets cleaned, maintenance done, ready to show etc.)
  • Yes.
  • You can set the status for each unit.