Landlord Tows Trailer While Tenant Tim Arnold Is Still Inside

The upside of living in a trailer is that you can take your home with you.

The downside is, when that home is moved against your will, it can take you too.

That’s the fate suffered by Tim Arnold, who claims his trailer was towed from an RV park in Titusville, Fla. — while he was inside it, according to WTAM.

Arnold lived at the RV park until Feb. 15 when he says his landlord decided to evict him.

“She told me I had an hour to get out of there or she was going to have it towed away,” Arnold told WESH.

Arnold says he told the manager he wasn’t going to leave, went inside with his dog and locked the door.

“Next thing you know, I’m moving,” Arnold told WESH. “I called 911 and I tried to tell them I was going down the highway in my RV and I don’t know why.”

When the vehicle stopped moving, Arnold and his dog remained inside. Arnold later said he was afraid that the person driving the truck that was hauling him might still be around. Once daylight arrived, he stepped outside and found himself alone in an unknown location about 15 miles from the park. However, as RV blogger Dick Eastman noted, it wasn’t Oz and his dog isn’t named Toto.

“There was an airboat driver and I said ‘Where am I?’” he told WESH.

Arnold is now living in a homeless shelter while his dog is staying at an animal shelter, but former neighbors like Harold Youngling aren’t sad to see him go — even if it was a hasty retreat.

“[He took] egg and fruit and threw them at houses and did a lot of crazy stuff that he shouldn’t have been doing to start with,” Youngling told WESH.

This isn’t the first time an RV renter in Florida has been driven from their residence.

In 2009, Bruce Wardrop was still tending to his dead brother’s affairs in Miramar, Fla., when he discovered his camper, which he had left in a truck stop, had been towed away and junked,according to



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