Best Criminal Ever Breaks Into Apartment, Cooks, Cleans and Does Laundry

By: Don Deane

On Feb. 6th, Ashley Murray of Indiana arrived home with her son to discover a strange man in her apartment. At first, Murray thought she was being robbed. But then, she noticed that the interloper had cooked dinner, folded laundry and swept the floor. Imagine if all trespassers were this helpful!

According to reports, 45-year-old Keith Davis, a neighbor of Murray’s, entered the apartment through an unlocked window where he proceeded to cook a dish of chicken and onions and tidy up.

When police found the man, he was calmly sitting in a chair in the living room but was largely incoherent. However, they soon learned that Davis thought he had been in his own home all along.

Apparently, nothing had been stolen, but Davis, who’s currently being held on a breaking and entering charge, drank all the orange juice in the fridge and had even taken a snooze on the couch. Still, Murray said, she’s willing to forgive these transgressions because he was so considerate at cleaning up.



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