Top 5 Ways College Students Can Save On Furniture

5691409143_c3e2e1836fWhy is it very important for a college student to save on furniture in the first place? The reason is pretty simple; some college students spend lots of money on buying their dorm room furniture and the cost in many cases is more than the tuition fee of their school.

As a college student, you should consider saving money on your furniture and what you save should be put away for a rainy day. With lots of cheap alternatives to costly wooden or modern furniture these days, buying an overpriced item to decorate your dorm room is definitely not a good idea. Below are 5 simple ways for which you can save considerable amount of money on your college furniture.

1. Always be constantly updated about special offers and discount sales happening at furniture outlets nearby your place. Most of the furniture companies often come out with flat 50% discount sales at seasonal times, so it’s important for you to know what these furniture outlets are up to. That way you can be the first to grab the best furniture they have. You should remember that even though the furniture companies guarantee that all furniture items will be available for discounts, the truth is that the ones who show up first get to pick the best.

2. Search websites like Craigslist and/or your local IKEA. These websites are known for selling very affordable and second hand furniture with a keen eye and good search ability, you will be able to get THE furniture you want for unbelievable rates. Since everything happens online, it’s important for you to check the legitimacy of the seller before even thinking about ordering the furniture, and also bargain real hard as most of the sellers who have listed the furniture items in these websites want to get rid of the furniture one way or another. Visiting your local IKEA you can find cheap items in the return and one-off section.

3. Ask your friends. It’s always a good practice to ask your college buddies about ways to purchase cheap furniture if you are stuck for ideas. There might be students who would like to sell their gently-used furniture to others because they’re graduating or moving out. If you’re lucky enough to find someone like that, you can save lots of money as many college students will be willing to give you the furniture they have at very cheap rates.

4. Check the landfill or recycling centers near your place, even though some of you may not find this a good idea, the chances are that you might end up finding some groovy furniture not found elsewhere for dirt cheap prices or even free. This is a great way to go green as you would be upcycling goods destined for certain death in a landfill.

5. Buy cheap but re-usable. When it comes to small dorm room items like plates and cutlery, buy items you can reuse over and over again and find them at low cost stores such as Dollar General. There’s no point in buying costly utensils, accessories and the like as you might not be taking these to your new apartment after college. For now buy small dorm room items that are inexpensive but reusable.

These are our top five ways that will help you save considerable amounts of money on your college furniture. Hope we have helped you in your frugal journey toward a fabulous apartment that won’t break your bank.

Guest Author: This guest article was written by Missy Diaz who works for several clients including an online retailer that sells white furniture from New England Lifestyle. When she’s not writing for the web, she loves to cook, bake, walk, scuba dive and hike.

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