Property maintenance

The way a property looks is determined by many different factors. It is not simply the maintenance of landscaping or the dumpster overflowing. All the components have to match in the puzzle of aesthetics, and every little detail will come together and become one great looking property.

Besides from current property maintenance tasks, the following may be a few other “upgrades” you can take into consideration.

  1. What do you require from your tenants?

If you are dealing with a commercial building, what are the restrictions regarding window displays? Windows, signs and curtains have a big effect on the appearance, and even though you might think everyone will want their storefronts to look tip-top, people have different ideas of what tip-top means. Set up some guidelines, and make sure the spaces live up to your standards.

The same applies to residential buildings. There is nothing worse than Christmas decorations up on the porches in February, and you might even consider a certain code regarding the patio furniture.

  1. Are your maintenance people following your directions?

There can many tasks to deal with as a maintenance technician, and the aesthetics of the parking lot is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone is in the midst of remodeling a unit on the other end of the property. This is where the property manager comes in – to manage both the properties and the employees.

A good way to keep track of property maintenance employees and work orders in general, can be through text messages. Since the employees will be carrying their phones around with them, text messages containing the work order information can be sent straight to your employee’s cell phone through the Total Management software.

A good-looking property is vital to attract tenants, and to their willingness to pay their bills with a smile. The atmosphere around your property is highly influenced by the property maintenance and care.



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