Get Social with your Rent Collection!

If you aren’t currently using social media to communicate with your residents I think you will be surprised to find how beneficial it can be. You can use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to maximize your community awareness, attract renters, and stay ahead of the marketing game. An easy way to encourage residents to pay their rent online is to post a link on your Facebook or Twitter page!

Tips for Rent Reminder Facebook Posts and Tweets

Providing a link to take residents directly to your payment page will make it as easy as possible for them to pay instantly.

If you post a link to your properties login page, automatically generated text will appear. Feel free to change this text and customize your message.

When posting, point out the benefits of paying with a credit card or eCheck. This can include: payment security, good for the environment, fast safe and easy, etc…
This is also a great place to remind residents of their payment options (eCheck, Credit Card, AutoPay, etc…) and any payment fees that may apply at your property.

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